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We Have The Simplest Value Propostion On Earth

We Will Beat The Price On Any Quote You Receive

That's all there is to it, if you can get your stuff cheaper somewhere else, we'll beat that price.

You are absolutely guaranteed to save money with us

We Can Install Anything We Sell

If we sell it, we have trained teams that can install it.

So you don't have to worry about that dodgy dude you found outside builder's bakkie leaving oil stains all over your paving while he's inside trying to figure out what of your stuff his mate can help himselft to next week in between airport heists.

Oh! And your stuff will get installed by a trained team who get that your home is su casa

We've Got Maintenance Plans For Y'all

We believe schleppy stuff like leaking gas fireplaces or aircon maintenance should really be dealt with by the okes you bought same stuff from. And the price of that maintenance should be shoved into the upfront cost too.

So we've designed off-the-shelf maintenance plans.

How do they work? You buy the maintenance plan at the same time you buy your sexy new appliance. The plan gives you two visits a year by one of our trained technical teams. The team follows a checklist of items to test and maintenance operations to perform. Perishable items are also replaced where required and finally you get issued with a compliance certificate. (really useful when you need to flip the middle finger to an obnoxious insurance accessor)

Our plans will also cover you against the dreaded "where's your maintenance history" cop-out when placing waranty calls on the more douche like brands (think certain aircons and geysers)

And of-course peace of mind with all your gas appliances

And finally a single portal (Phone, Email, SMS) for all you maintenance needs

The Cost Price Club

A New Appliance At Dead Cost Everyday

Delivered directly into you mailbox

Some days it'll be a humble little retro style kettle, others it'll be a 85" swinging-from-chadeliers OLED TV. Marvin, our mildly neurotic gorgeously impartial AI bot will choose a random appliance from our stock catalogues every day and we'll commit to sell that item at dead cost the very next day.

If you wanna play along singup here. (service will start 15 June 2017, but you should sign up so long)